Baptiste & Bottle in Conrad Hotel

Baptiste & Bottle in Conrad Hotel

Baptiste & Bottle

101 E Erie St, 20th Floor

Recently I was lucky enough to attend dinner at Baptiste & Bottle, a bourbon-centric restaurant on the 20th floor of the Conrad Hotel. This was also nice because I particularly love whiskeys and bourbons besides great food! The entire hotel is gorgeous and you have a lovely view of the Chicago skyline from the 20th floor.

Each course of the delicious three course meal we were served was paired with a complementing drink. My absolute favorite was called the Huntsman, and consisted of Glenfiddich 14 year, apricot, punt e mes, and rooibos smoke. It had an apricot essence which was lovely to sip on while enjoying Day Boat Scallops and Roasted Pekin Duck (also one of my favorites.) Other highlights included a delicious Roasted Carrot Salad with smoked cream cheese, macadamia, and quinoa. The Chedder + Chive Biscuit was one of the prettiest and tastiest dishes of the evening; It was flaky and flavorful. The Pineapple Ambrosia was the perfect way to end the meal with fun little surprises of texture under the whipped cream.

Besides indoors, there is also an outside lounge area with fire panels to keep you toasty. This is probably one of my new favorite spots to enjoy a meal or drink, and I will definitely be back! Thank you Victoria and Baptiste & Bottle!