Foodcellfie Interviews @Poweredbydoughnuts

@poweredbydoughnuts is a donut expert and probably a lot more in shape than you.

Steve, aka @poweredbydoughuts, is one badass, super fit Donut GANGSTA. He is THE donut guru and also a pretty cool guy to hang out with. His feed raises awareness that balance is really the key between staying fit and eating ALL THE FOODZ. He sets this example by looking fly as hell while simultaneously stuffing his face with various sweet pastries everyday. Except for the working out part I try to follow his model as closely as I can of course...ahem.

We met over donuts and beer at Three Dots and a Dash, where he took some time to talk about love, life, and DONUTS of course. Read on to see for yourself!

How long have you been running @poweredbydonuts?

Since January of 2016, but prior to that it was my personal account (and still somewhat is).

Why did you decide to create your account?

Because I love food and have previous culinary school experience (Joliet Junior College). I wanted to show people you can balance a fitness and fan-food lifestyle- you can have both.

Fitness and donuts together? Explain yourself, sir!

From the ages of 6-16 I was very obese. At 15 years old I was 260 pounds, by 17 I was down to 155. The process taught me respect for others and to respect food. I think for a lot of people, food can become an outlet because who doesn’t love food?  For me, I swapped out the bad eating habits for healthier ones like weightlifting and strength training while still having my share of fun with food.  I was able to maintain the Foodie Life while still keeping weight away so I wanted to show others BALANCE is KEY.

If the girl of your dreams was a DONUT, what would she be and WHY?

Definitely a yeast raised doughnut.  It takes time and experience to develop a yeast dough!  For me its all about quality.  Soft but dense and only fresh ingredients. None of the fake BS. Seems like everyone is jumping on the doughnut bandwagon but I want one that’s old school and simple but still a little spontaneous and bold to keep it interesting.  If I had to name a specific doughnut it would probably be the Peanut Butter Fluffer Nutter doughnut from District Doughnuts in WDC. Sweet yet a little salty, hard to handle with all the marshmallow fluff running everywhere, but worth the effort....I don’t mind a little mess but it (she) just has to be worth it!

So, is the donut you bring over to your mom different than the donut you’d give a pretty lady?

Yesss.  Mom always gets fresh doughnuts!  Its gotta be made that morning and always in a box so it doesn’t get ruined.  I usually don’t bring donuts to the girl, I bring the girl to the donuts.  The way a girl chooses her donut and what she picks will tell me if I’m calling her for a second date...choose wisely ;)

Why donuts? Why not pizza, or tacos?

Donuts are like pizza and tacos in that they are blank slates, and you can do anything with them, BUT! ...Donuts are hard to make at home. The donut killed cupcakes for a good reason.

Do you think donuts make a good hangover food?

*Thinks about it* …No. Donuts make me sleepy. I generally crave steak or meat, you know, savory stuff.

Well what if it was a steak donut, a savory one? Or is a donut not a donut if it is savory?

Well, there are breakfast sandwiches made out of donuts. Maybe a donut burger because it has a nice chunk of meat.

If pizza, tacos, and  donuts merged into one SUPERFOOD, could they take over the world?

Well, donuts already killed cupcakes. There’s a place in San Diego called Donut Bar that I visited last summer, and they have a picture on the wall of a donut burying a cupcake. So yah probably, I definitely think so!

Would you ever get a donut tattoo? Or do you already have one?

*Thinks* I’ve already been thinking about it for a long time. Prolly next to a Dragonball-Z or Pokeball tattoo!

Where would you get it??

I don’t know. It’s a secret. :)

Do you really eat a donut a day?

I don’t eat a donut every day but I'd say I average about a donut every day.

Have you ever had a tomato flavored donut?

No, but I had a mustard and herb glazed donut at Glazed and Infused. It was used to make a bacon and egg sandwich, which was pretty good actually!

Awesome! Well thanks for letting me interview you. Any last words?

Stop listening to bogus foodie posts about “good” donuts! Consult me first!