Dinner with Pomp & Circumstance

Dinner with Pomp & Circumstance

Pomp & Circumstance

1400 N Wells St


I was lucky enough to attend a small dinner at Pomp & Circumstance with some of my foodie friends. (Which means I asked all 20 people I know to come out and these are the ones who could make it. :P) 

Pomp has two floors. The downstairs is a dining area/bar, and the second floor has a more intimate dining room + bar. They also have a pretty patio area, however that Thursday happened to be one of the hottest days of summer so far and so it wasn't optimal to enjoy it :(

They started off the evening like any respectful, gracious host would do - booze. Lots of booze, a beautiful punchbowl of beautiful booze...

It was a perfect start to the night! Light, refreshing, and pretty to look at. The drinks all night were spectacular, and I must apologize because I neglected to take many pictures of the drinks, especially since such detail and attention is put into creating the perfect cocktail. But I promise the drink menu here does not disappoint.

We started off dinner with the Market Salad.

 I love spinach. I love apples. I LOOOOVE BACON. I love this salad. Not pretentious or overly ambitious, it's just a salad and it's good. Did I mention I love bacon?

Next up was my favorite dish of the evening, the Paella.

Arborio rice, saffron, wild mushrooms, confit tomato, English peas, and artichoke. This dish was thick, rich, and so delicious! I usually don't care much for artichoke but they fit the dish well here, and I love peas! This was so, so good, it melts in your mouth. I wanted to steal my neighbor's plates!

The paella was followed by Pomp Burgers + chips.


Red barn white cheddar, house pickle, pomp sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion. The burger was great, sure but THAT POMP SAUCE THO. MORE MORE MORE. I'm pretty sure the secret ingredient in this stuff is unicorn dust. Very, very good. 

"Tell us what's in this sauce!" we demanded, but alas it remains a secret. :P

"I want to drown myself in this!" someone else shouts out. 

Paired with mains was The Pink Lady: Plymouth Gin, Laird's Applejack, simple syrup, lemon juice, grenadine, and egg white. I didn't capture a good pic of this drink but it was one of my favorites: light and foamy, sweet.

Last for mains was the Seared Scallops.

Scallops, local cherries, almond vinaigrette, pickled fennel, and petit salad. I really loved the almonds in this. I personally didn't care much for the cherry in the dish, although I appeared to be in the minority at the table, because almost everyone else loved it:

"Will it look bad if I lick it off the plate?" my neighbor asks. "It's really good."

Dessert was Eden's Flourless Chocolate Cake. 

Is there ever a time when FCC is bad? This was rich, velvety, and the sour cherries were so tasty I really did pluck them off my neighbor's plate this time when he wasn't looking. (I still claim innocence in case he asks you)

With dessert came our final drink, the Tequila Mockingbird.

Don Julio Reposado, pomegranate liqueur, basil syrup, and lime juice. The rim on this is spicy! 

You can catch the Pink Lady (and a wild @Marzlet in the background) in the group shot below:

A super fun, delicious evening with friends. Pomp's motto is "Where the food is food and the drinks are stiff", and it really is true! While I will say that most of the food are well known, classic choices that are almost always good wherever you go, they are consistently GOOD. Also the other half of the statement is also true: The drinks are well crafted and strong, each having their own distinct personality. The venue itself is charming in its decor and dishware, and the staff is friendly, personable, and happy to tell you about the menu. This is a great place to go with a few friends for a casual get together.

Thank you for having us Pomp & Circumstance!