My 4 Go-To Chicago Ice Cream Spots

My 4 Go-To Chicago Ice Cream Spots

So it's now September, which means school is back, fall is coming, and the final days of summer are here. The past few days have been sticky and HOT. Which means, if you want to experience the rush of trying to finish your ice cream cone before it melts into a mess down your hand, better get on it soon! That's really the best time to enjoy anything frozen, now that I think of it. Half of the joy is knowing that what you're eating is a momentary treat. On that note, I thought I'd share the four spots I've been turning to for ice cream this summer, simply because I like them a lot:

Snow Dragon Shavery

Snow Dragon is seriously one of my Happy Places. Everything is so delicious here, and they're open late, perfect for an after dinner destination. They specialize in shaved ice, macarons, and ice cream macaron sandwiches, with what seems like a million different toppings to choose from. (Strawberries! Gummy bears! Jelly! Mochi! Sprinkles!) They also have frozen yogurt, bubble tea, regular tea, and whole coconuts which come with cute little umbrellas. My favorite are the macaron ice cream sandwiches and regular macarons. You can usually find Roshan, one of the owners, hanging about and he's also hilarious and super fun to talk to.

If you're looking for fun colors and flavors, this is definitely a place to try if you haven't been yet.


I know Oberweis is a chain, but it's literally less than a five minute walk from my house and so of course I’m gonna go there a lot! They are also open late, and it's not uncommon to see a line out the door when I'm walking past. The ice cream here is creamy and smooth, and although the flavors never get too crazy they are always consistently good.

The inside of the Lakeview location has a charming, diner-like feel with board games and chess sets on the table. (Last time I lost and was luckily able to drown my defeat in a peanut-butter cup sundae.)


I mention Firecakes because although they are a donut shop, they do have one offering to the frozen treat gods: the donut ice cream sandwich. Also, please note the picture above is courtesy of @poweredbydonuts as I sort of, ah, accidentally inhaled mine before remembering to take a picture.

The first time I ate this sandwich, my friend and I were wandering around Taste of Chicago. It was horribly, miserably hot, and we were both starting to slow down with exhaustion, lost among a sea of people and heated food trucks. And then, a blissfully frozen oasis among the crowd, stood the cheerful Firecakes food truck by a music stage. Finally! We were saved! It felt like I’d never seen something so magical as when we were handed our donut ice cream sandwiches: house made vanilla gelato and hot fudge layered between two slices of fluffy, honey glazed yeast donut.




As a side note, because everything is made fresh every day, sometimes the flavors of gelato and sauce can change. Sometimes it’s s’mores gelato or coconut. Sometimes the sauce is caramel or raspberry. Rest assure, whatever magical flavor combination they offer that day, it’s going to be heavenly!


Yes, another chain, but as I said these are simply places I like. Jeni's has a bunch of fun, unique flavors (Riesling! Ylang Ylang!) and they also give you samples of anything beforehand to try. One of my favorite flavors is lavender, and their Wildberry Lavender is good. Sometimes with lavender flavor you end up with something that tastes almost soapy, but theirs is just right!

I like that you can also buy tubs of ice cream to take home with you because they are delicious. I do not like that you can buy tubs of ice cream to take home with you because I have no willpower and would eat ice cream for breakfast every day if given the opportunity. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you all get a lot of ice cream in before summer ends!!